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Home Planetarium takes us to the stars from our couch

Stargazing. Man has been doing it since they looked up and wondered what those little pinpricks were in the sky. The stars change with the seasons, they change with the passing of the clock, they change whether it’s day or night. But sometimes, it’s down right difficult to either get up at “oh dark thirty” or when it’s too cold to look into the lens of a telescope. But that doesn’t mean budding astronomers have to miss out. This HomeStar Planetarium Projector gives stargazers an amazing view of over 10,000 stars in the comfort of one’s own home. And it does it with a few surprises as while a crystal-clear, rotating field of 10,000 stars is projected on your ceiling or wall, everyone so often, watchers are treated random streaking meteors.

The Planetarium Projector comes in a slick spheric design that’s motorized to move the star map in perfect time with the real McCoy. There are two hi resolution image disks that provide different starfield views (presumably of the northern and southern skies) and there’s adjustable projection angles for displaying those stars on either the walls or ceilings. Powered by either battery pack or AC adapter.

Cost is about $150 from

Hat Tip – The Grid