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In this day and age lawn work really doesn’t have to chore anymore. With the right gear and gadgets, trimming grass and hedges can be a lot of fun. In this section we help your scout through the jungle of gardening accessories that are on the market and make it easy for you to pick the best robot lawn mower or smart sprinkler controller.

Best Leaf Blower

The best electric leaf blower for most users is the DeWalt DCBL772X1 60 Volt. It’s strong, durable and a full charge lasts around 30 minutes after which you could replace the battery with a spare one and keep going.

Best Zero Turn Mower [2020]

Our favorite zero turn mower is the Husqvarna RedMax RZT54. It’s very comfortable to operate and comes with a 24 horsepower Kawasaki engine which is powerful enough for pretty much every garden size.

Best Hedge Trimmer [2019]

The LHT2436 from BLACK+DECKER can handle branches up to 3/4-inch thick, the 24-inch blade has the perfect length for average garden works. In terms of pricing this trimmer really doesn’t break the bank and is therefore our top pick.

Best Robot Lawn Mower

The best robotic lawn mower is the WORX Landroid WR150. It handles lawns up to 0.5 acres with ease, comes with a GPS tracker and with pretty much all the features you want. You’ll get all that for a very reasonable price.

Terra robot mower makes life easier

Having a well manicured lawn to return home to is always a joy, but the trick is the hard work that is required to be put in before you are…

VonHaus Hedge Trimmer cuts down the beauty of nature

You can tell it’s springtime because the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and Mother Nature is on steroids. You can mow the grass in the morning and by midday the lawn will have a five o’ clock shadow. The VonHaus Hedge Trimmer will help you control it.

Inflatable Water Shooting Float keeps the kids happy

Kids absolutely love playing, as their imagination is able to run wild even with something as simple as a cardboard box that can be transformed to become a castle, spaceship,…

JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

There comes a time when a man’s got to do what he’s got to do, and this includes clearing up the yard around his home. After much nagging from his…

Dr. Who Tardis Tent

Ah, to be young again, and to have numerous types of stuff to look forward to under the Christmas tree each year. Well, the Yuletide season might still be months…

Make Yourself a Green Thumb

True confession time. I am a killer. I kill plants. I try to grow them indoors and outdoors with the same results. Poor little green friends. It may be that…

Sierra Designs has a tent from the future

Do you love camping? Well, if you have not given camping a go before in the past, you might want to consider taking your family out for a camping trip…

Podtime Sleeping Pods

They say that getting the adequate amount of sleep is highly important for everyone regardless of age, and I do agree whole-heartedly with that observation. After all, my performance at…

Tentanic is super large!

I don’t know about you, but if someone were to approach me and tell me that a tent is going to cost me a whopping £7,500, I would just laugh…

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Want to literally put a spring in your step? That’s a snap to do, especially when you have the TRAMP-It Jump Shoes. This unique device will come in three different…

The Coolest Festival Tent? The VW Camper Tent

If you’re attending any festivals this year this has got to the coolest canvas to camp out in, say hello to the VW Camper Van Tent. Officially licensed by Volkswagon…

Lawn Mowing with your iPhone 101

In case you missed it, Husqvarna has been in the robot lawn mower business for quite a while now, we have been reporting on them for a few years already….

Wall Mounted Grill

Not everyone has the room for a full patio set along with some serious grill that makes everyone green with envy. While there are plenty of great indoor grills, those might…

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