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Home Plus creates virtual grocery store at a subway station

According to Home Plus (also known as Tesco), the Koreans are the second hardest working people in the world. I don’t know who is the first, but according to my Source, the Koreans think shopping is a real chore in their busy schedules.
Home Plus has made grocery shopping easier by putting virtual grocery store aisles in subway stations. While subway riders are waiting for the next train, they can peruse the pictures of food that are made to look just like grocery store aisles.
The only difference is that pictures of food have QR codes. A smartphone user takes picture of the product, and then pay for the items. I am guessing that payment is done through some online service. I know for sure that the actual items will be delivered to the home.
According to HomePlus, this has made them the second biggest online shopping company in Korea. People like the service, and there is food waiting for them as soon as they get home.
Is there any reason why this can’t be in subway terminals in New York City? Perhaps they already are in place, as it seems an obvious target audience for such a service like this. I wonder if there is a charge for the delivery service, or if the food is just more costly? Someone has to pay for these services.


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  1. That would be great in NYC, but at the moment there is no cell service/reception in the subway. We’re missing some key infrastructure that would allow these kinds of advancements.

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