Hologram alerts passengers at Paris’ Orly Airport

Some of you might remember the holograms that we covered at Luton Airport of London. It would appear that Paris’ Orly airport has holograms as well.
Like Luton, these holograms at Orly are rear-projected on human-shaped plexiglass. Unlike the ones at Luton, these holograms are not stationed at the security, but designed to alert passengers where and when to board their flight.
Yes, they are not a holographic as the cool ones that we see in Star Wars, but they will do. Orly installed them along with their additional seating and room for 400 waiting passengers. You can watch a video of it after the jump.
As you can see, it stops passengers in their tracks. I will have to admit that I would want to touch this, and that is what a lot of kids are doing when they pass these Plexiglass holograms. I would want to see if I can pass my hand in front of the projector.
I don’t know about you, but science-fiction has taught me that a world where holograms have replaced signs is a cue that you’re living in a dystopia. If you don’t believe me, watch the opening credits of Hardwired, a science fiction movie now available for free on Crackle. There is something about a hologram telling us what to do that makes me feel that I am living in a society that is completely dumbed-down and sterile.