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Holiday Plug Hugger is sure to add a smile to faces in the same room

holiday-plug-huggerI know that the holiday season is about to kick in soon, and you might want to make sure that you get your holiday shopping done earlier than normal so that you get to avoid the mad rush that happens each year, no thanks to the growing number of people who follow the “last minute” mantra. Well, you can always do your bit to ensure that your home is decorated in such a way where there will be no gloomy faces – with the $12.99 Holiday Plug Hugger, of course.

After all, everyone can always make do with a smile on their respective faces, don’t they? You can choose from Santa and Snowman styles to keep up with the times, and these Holiday Plug Hugger will cover your USB wall adapters by adding more holiday character to the overall ambience. During the holidays, you would be too busy snapping photos and recording videos of your relatives and friends, sharing them over Facebook or Twitter, which means more juice is used up than normla, making a wall charger an important part of any holiday gathering.