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Holi wants you to sleep better with SleepCompanion

holi-sleepcompanionGetting quality sleep is one thing – getting the right amount of sleep is another. In fact, both of them are equally important, and Holi intends you – and the rest of the world, to be able to sleep a whole lot better this year by unveiling the SleepCompanion. This European start-up specializes in the new generation of lightning devices using LED technologies, and their SleepCompanion happens to be their second product (the first being the Smart Mood Lamp) which hopefully, will be able to help you wake up feeling a whole lot more refreshed.

Statistics and studies have proven of light’s ability to synchronize the body’s natural clock, hence leading Holi to create the SleepCompanion, which is a connected LED light that intends to improve one’s natural sleep. SleepCompanion is a clinically proven lighting solution, where it will bring together an exclusive light-bulb which has been specially designed in order for it to synchronize the body’s biological rhythm using a smartphone app that analyzes sleep quality, ending up providing personalized advice to improve one’s sleep.

SleepCompanion will work with the sleeping phase, the awakening phase, and is capable of offering analysis in order to help better understand the importance of the sleep and its environment. This special bulb will merge 20 different light sources so that it can produce precise light wavelengths which are needed by a body to sleep and wake up naturally. The SleepCompanion app will also get to work by measuring and analyzing the duration, quality and environment of sleep, not to mention having capabilities to identify any disturbance and make the necessary changes for a better sleep.

All that you need to do is to replace the light-bulb of the bedside lamp by the SleepCompanion, before pairing it up with the SleepCompanion app, and you’re good to go, where you can set the alarm clock and pick from 3 available programs on the app itself. The Holi SleepCompanion will retail for $99 a pop.

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