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Hitori de Karaoke DX lets you sing your heart out without raising a ruckus

hitori-de-karaoke-dx-solo-noise-freeThe Japanese are the ones who invented karaoke, and there has been no looking back on the karaoke phenomenon even until today. In fact, it is one of the better and healthier ways to let off some steam at the end of a particularly difficult day at the office, since you will be able to belt out all of your favorite hits, although your colleagues or neighbors might not be too happy with the quality of your cover compared to the original artist. Having said that, here is a unique device that will let you sing to your heart’s content – without waking up a sleeping baby right beside you. Enter the $92 Hitori de Karaoke DX, which is actually a solo singing noise-free microphone set.

I guess the trend for solo (hitori de) activities in Japan continues to remain strong, be it a Korean BBQ to a Moomin-themed cafe, solitary diners are a norm, and so too, is karaoke despite it being a great way to socialize with the rest of the world. This noise-free microphone karaoke set has been specially designed to mute your singing to the outside world, allowing the shy songsters to revel in their talent without revealing just what they have deep within their diaphragm. There is a funnel mic cover that ensures your singing remains muffled, while the earphones will cancel out the external speaker output, resulting in a private concert which is a perfect way to relieve stress.

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