Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector begins to ship

The Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector is the latest model to be announced by the Japanese company, where it is capable of delivering the entire functionality of an interactive whiteboard – sans the board, of course. How does this happen without some sort of technological wizardry? We hope to explain it to you further below.
No pixie dust or magic is used when the iPJ-AW250N is in action, but rather, it will rely on infrared communication, where the iPJ-AW250N is capable of turning any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. Of course, this will happen without having to make spatial sacrifices or being shackled by installation limitations of additional hardware.
Apart from that, the iPJ-AW250N will also utilize ultrasonic communication that goes a long way in overcoming interference issues associated with devices that communicate via the infrared spectrum.

Targeting education and corporate environments, the iPJ-AW250N boasts of an ultra-short-throw lens which enables it to be mounted close to a wall or a projection surface. The whole idea of this lens will prevent any form of obstructed images and shadows, and best of all for the presenter, no light will be aimed at his/her eyes.
Hitachi’s special pen-size Interactive Control enables users to be able to write, draw and manipulate and resize projected images. The iPJ-AW250N boasts of a simple menu system which delivers ready access to all functions. The projector itself will come with a dynamic set of teaching and lesson-building tools for educators.
As for business users, they will find its wide range of graphics tools, templates, colors and resources to come in handy where creating compelling lessons and presentations are concerned. Not only that, the iPJ-AW250N will also play nice with PowerPoint, Word, PDF, JPEG and other formats as they are imported straight into the iPJ-AW250N – all without the need for a computer, of course.
Other hardware specifications include a full range of video and audio inputs such as HDMI, S-Video and composite video inputs, RGB computer video inputs and outputs, stereo mini-jack, RCA and microphone audio inputs, and audio and video outputs.