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The Hisonic Portable PA System lets you air your opinions publicly

Hisonic Portable PA System

There aren’t too many occasions where you would want to put your voice through a loudspeaker, unless you enjoy hearing yourself talk. Most of the time it’s out of obligation. Maybe you’re a nomadic musician who wanders town to town playing on street corners, are leading local workshops, or are in charge of a club or group of some sort, tasked with managing the chaos of getting a bunch of people together.

Normally you would just learn to project your voice, but if you’re wanting to make sure you’re heard over everyone else without ruining your vocal chords, then you’re going to need a way to make your voice fill the room so that the back row can hear. If you don’t have a sound crew complete with PA system or a megaphone, then the Hisonic Portable PA System can lend your voice some volume. It may be tiny and compact, but it will be able to blast your voice out through its 75-watt speakers. Thankfully, it’s also on wheels and moves like carry-on luggage with its handle that extends out 30 inches.

If you want to do more than make your voice louder, you’ll be able to stream music through Bluetooth and AUX input, meaning your phone, notebook, iPhone, iPad, or any other device should do just fine. The Dual VHF microphone system gives you a handheld mic, belt-pack transmitter, and either lapel or headset mics for hands-free options. Since this is rechargeable, you’ll need to juice it up after every 8-10 hour long yelling session. This is a pricey purchase at $260.95, but it will certainly make people-wrangling a little bit better as they can’t ignore a booming voice.

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