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Hip Deep Tissue Massager provides soothing relief

hip-tissue-massagerSome of us happen to work in jobs that do have a whole lot more stress than others, but of course, the monetary remuneration is more often than not makes up for it. However, all of that stress could prove to be destructive in the long run to our bodies physically, and it is nice to unwind once in a while with a massage. If you are single and visiting a masseuse is not your cup of tea, then what are some of the other options that you have to loosen those stiff muscles on your back and hips? The $149.95 Hip Deep Tissue Massager would then make for a decent option.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager arrives in a special kind of shape and boasts of powerful percussive nodes which will work deep into hip and lumbar tissue so that it can loosen up stiff muscles. As users learn to rest against the enveloping U-shaped cushion in a chair, the massage heads on each side will be able to offer Swedish-style rhythmic tapotement which stimulates blood flow so that it can revitalize tired and sore muscles. It will target the lower back, hip, and sides, which happen to be areas that other massagers are unable to reach easily. Not only that, this massager can also be used to reinvigorate muscles on the thighs, calves, and feet, where a simple four-button control panel will allow users to customize their massage simply by selecting from an automatic program or 99 manual settings, and each of them will sport 20 levels of intensity. After each 15-minute session, it will shut off automatically.