HIMS Brain HUBI Biofeedback Device

We’ve reported on Personal Stress Relievers like the emWave before. Considering the stress levels some of us live at, I’m surprised there aren’t more products like it to help us keep our collective stress levels down.

I got to chance to try out the emWave at CES, and I was surprised that it worked so well. It would appear that someone has invented a personal stress reliever, or meditation device, that can connect directly to the user’s computer.

The HIMS Brain HUBI biofeedback device can take a readout from your fingertips and then displays a graph that shows your state of mind. I’m guessing that the user is going to need to breathe or somehow relax to keep their numbers on healthy levels.

So, is this the beginning of PCs that give a digital readout of your brain? I don’t see why not. In fact, could someone design a meditation device that is put into a mouse, then you would always have a mental readout of your stress levels. You would then learn how much stress your job really gives you.

The price of this device is about $206, which might give you more stress. Yes, I just can’t seem to escape the irony that much of our stress is invariably caused by technology. It’s nice to know that someone is making tech to bring our stress level down.