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Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome might just improve your overall well being

himalayan-salt-therapy-domeThey say that “health is wealth”, and that saying does not stray too far away from the truth. After all, when one is healthy, one does not have to worry about anything else such as medical bills to pay, and you can more or less eat whatever that you like without any further restrictions. Some of us use things like fitness trackers to ensure that we get the necessary number of steps in each day, but here is the $119.95 Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome that might just do its bit to help you live better overall.

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome happens to be a lamp that makes use of the ancient remedy of halotherapy in order to help treat respiratory ailments. It is made with genuine Himalayan salt, and the lamp makes use of the millennia old remedy which was first introduced by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. It will rely on an included 15-watt bulb, as the lamp goes about gently heating the dome, releasing airborne salt particles that are charged with negative ions. These charged salt particles will assist allergy and asthma sufferers by drawing water into airways, thinning mucus, and helping move it out of the lungs. Himalayan salt carries more than 80 essential minerals such as sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fluoride, and the salt dome itself maintains its efficacy for five years and its pink/orange color varies naturally, so do not be surprised if each purchase looks “different” from another.

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