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The Himalayan Salt Lamp freshens your room like a breezy summer day

Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you’ve ever been to a spa or bath house, you’ve likely come across a million different types of rocks that all tout different properties. Now whether or not you believe in that sort of thing, there are some scientific facts of health benefits for different rocks. While I enjoy reading up on the various qualities of different stones, I’m not about to say that they’re all going to cure every ailment under the sun.

There is one particular item you will see time and time again at spas though, and while it may look like a rock, it’s actually salt (which is a rock, but oh well)! These Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to do all sorts of good things for your home, and I can say that they do their job quite nicely thanks to past roommates that swore by these. Regardless, the idea is that a 25 watt light bulb will heat the salt and release negative ions into the air, just like other ionizer products we’ve seen a million times over.

They essentially purify the air, and I do recall rooms smelling fresher after having had one of these on for a few hours. Once it’s lit, the lamp will give off a low-intensity amber light, which is perfect for a bedside lamp. The salt sits atop Neem wood, which is said to be quite durable and acts as an insecticide. You’ll need access to an outlet, and it comes with a 6 foot power cord. The size, shape and color will vary a bit as no two pieces of salt are going to be mined out the same. The one pictured above is around 8-9” tall and will cost you around $23, but there are sizes ranging 6-13” that you can get as well.

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