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High Velocity Industrial Fan keeps you nice and cool

high-velocity-industrial-fanA fan is pretty useful to have around during the warm summer days, when you start to sweat and the humidity level goes up. After all, there is nothing quite like having the feeling of a blast of wind heading in your direction constantly, and a fan would do that job in an admirable manner as it directs wind in your way at the speed that you like. What if there are many people in a room? A ceiling fan would do well – bladeless or not, but with the $189.95 High Velocity Industrial Fan, you can be sure that the amount of action cranked out would be a whole lot more.

The High Velocity Industrial Fan, as its name suggests, is an industrial-grade fan that transforms hot, stuffy spaces into well-ventilated working environments. It will boast of a three-speed 180-watt motor that spins its 18″-diameter blades at up to 1,600 rpm, resulting in a powerful breeze that makes working in a garage or workshop for long stretches tolerable. You can also opt to mount it from a ceiling, allowing the fan to rotate 360º in order to circulate air throughout the space; and when set on a floor, the fan’s 180º adjustable tilt will direct cooling breezes precisely where they are needed. To sweeten the deal, there is an attached task light that illuminates your work space without crowding it. Made out of sturdy steel and aluminum construction, the High Velocity Industrial Fan will plugs into AC with a 6′ cord.