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Three high school students team with NASA to solve spaceship problem

This next article isn’t really about a cool gadget per se, but it definitely inspired me to tell all our readers how to really improve science and technology. Hear me out on this one.

As Adrian Monk would say, here’s how it happened:

A Massachusetts high school science teacher recently put his three best students on a special assignment. They were told to imagine a world where some sort of spacecraft was hurtling toward Earth, and that it was up to them to figure out how they would record the event while onboard a separate aircraft.

The three students eventually put their heads together and came up with a way of doing what the teacher said. Then, the plot twist occurs, and the teacher is revealed to be a representative from NASA. He then took the students to Japan, and they implemented their solution to the problem. They even got to board a DC-8 and actually took photos of the Hayabusa spacecraft.

Sounds like some children’s story, doesn’t it? Like any children’s story, there is a distinct moral: Scientific problems can always be solved by kids.

Seriously. I would be willing to bet that if Steve Jobs were to give a group of smart high schoolers an assignment to create a better iPhone, they would have come up with a more decent version of the iPhone 4. Perhaps they could have figured out why it loses reception if you hold it a certain way.


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  1. I also bet kids can solve this who oil spill as well since Obama is doing an awful job at getting help and too chicken to ask for any from other countries.

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