High Performance LED Flashlight

pdlpd1d.jpgCan something so tiny actually be bright enough to get you around during an emergency blackout? Read the product description and judge for yourself.

You just won’t believe the brightness of this tiny torch! It’s one of a range of 3 the likes of which we have never seen before. A fantastic unit for self defense. An attacker will be disorientated by the brightness of this light if shone into his face giving you a chance to get away. Digitally controlled with 5 modes – Primary/maximum/low/strobe/SOS. Differing power outputs allows the user to choose between power and runtime – 70 lumens for 1 hour; 40 lumens for 2.8 hours or 7 lumens for 21 hours. The addition of a strobe facility and an SOS mode for use in an emergency is just an added bonus.

Guess it not only lights up your path, it also disorientates would-be attackers. Pretty neat for something that retails for £45.24 after taxes.

Product Page

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