High Heel Speakers

If you’re a woman who seriously loves her heels or just any general person with a serious foot fetish, now you can have a pair of speakers to show off your real love in the world.  These bright red shoes are sure to attract all sorts of attention, so you’d better be ready to come out of the closet with your foot or shoe loving tendencies.

You may think it’s incredibly strange for anyone to create speakers like this, much less have anyone buy them, but there’s something you should know.  The speakers are Japanese, nuff said.  The USB speakers have an output of 3W x 2ch.  Should you be highly interested in getting a pair, they’re not the cheapest USB speakers out there.  They cost 4480 Yen or about $55, plus the amount of shipping it costs to get them outside of Japan.

Source: Newlaunches

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