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High Definition Lighted Drone does more than just record video

hd-lighted-droneDrones do seem to be extremely commonplace these days, and the entry level price continues to drop with each successive generation. Having said that, there are definitely many different kinds of drones out there in the market, and you might be spoilr for choice — to pick from a pocket-sized drone, or something that is more heavyweight? Regardless, the camera quality would definitely play an important factor in the choice of drones. If you want something that is off the beaten path, then the $299.95 High Definition Lighted Drone is worth considering.

This particular drone, as its name suggests, will be able to capture high-definition, live streaming video while making sure those around are aware of its physical presence thanks to an array of highly visible LED lights. The one-key take-off and landing button located on the 2.4 GHz radio remote makes it extremely easy to use, and it will immediately synchronize the drone’s four 6″-long high-efficiency propellers and six-axis gyro stabilization to launch it into stable flight. With its integrated HD camera, it can record and transmit 720p HD video to the remote, with all media stashed away on a SD memory card. The drone can move forward, backward, up, down, or hover in-place; while trim controls allow an operator to precisely dial-in the drone’s flight performance for both indoor and outdoor conditions. A full charge delivers up to 15-minutes of flight time, while the remote runs on half a dozen AA batteries.