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High Contrast Keyboard helps you see better

Learning how to type using all five fingers? Why not let the High Contrast Keyboard help you out, as it offers an easy-to-read keyboard layout, complete with high-contrast keys as well as enlarged print. The bright yellow keys will be labeled in black, san serif type, which is more or less similar to the same high-visibility color scheme that is found in highway warning signs. All 43-point characters (about 9/16″ tall) are heat transferred to the keys, following that with a UV coating for lasting durability. It won’t be different in terms of key layout compared to a regular 103-key keyboard, where all 12 function keys are on the top row with nine buttons for common multimedia and browser commands. Rated for 10 million keystrokes, it will play nice with Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems. Expect to fork out around $49.95 for this puppy.

1 thought on “High Contrast Keyboard helps you see better”

  1. Nothing good in this, like other keyboards can do such things easily. And i am not bothered with the keyboard type! I can type without even looking at the keyboard!!

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