Hidden Grove Fitness Armoire Collection

About a month ago, I reported on the Fitness Cube, a piece of multi-functional exercise equipment that folds up into a neat little box for storage. The Home Office Collection from Hidden Grove is another giant step in the continued quest for exercise equipment that stays out of the way in your home.

Hidden Grove didn’t just make their exercise equipment into something compact that the user can stash out of the way in a closet, but made former space-crowding exercise equipment and tucked it tastefully away into an Armoire.

The Hidden Grove Home Office Collection comes in three forms. The first is the Computer Desk with Bookshelf Armoire with Multi-Position Bench and Chrome Dumbbells (1 pair each at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds) for about $2,699. The second is the Computer Desk with Bookshelf Armoire with a treadmill for about $2,999. The third is the Computer Desk with Bookshelf Armoire with Treadmill, multi-position bench and chrome dumbbells (same type as the first computer desk) for about $3,499.

I’m going to digress here, but every time I hear the word “Armoire”, I think of that Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi. Some of you might not remember that secondary plotline where Elaine is trying to get an Armoire for her apartment. Okay, that has little to do with this article except for the Armoire association, but if you want these Armoire at your place, see the specs and prices in the previous paragraph.


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