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The HIBR mattress uses science to help you sleep better


If you ask people what they prefer to sleep on, they’ll normally swing one way or the other about having a firm or soft mattress. Of course, the real kicker is whether or not they wake up feeling rested. So long as your body doesn’t feel like its been hit with a truck and you don’t feel as though you’re walking through mud when your feet hit the floor, that’s all that matters right?

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, then having one that has built off of the science behind temper foam from NASA might help you out. The HIBR is a layered mattress that was built to do away with letting you pick things that might not actually be beneficial for your body, even if it feels good for the first ten minutes you’re laying down. This has three layers, the top of which uses the same technology that keeps HIBR’s pillows cool.

The second layer is about the same thickness, and was made to adapt to different weight and movements, making sure it responds appropriately. The foundation of it all is the thickest, and will be able to not only support the top layers, but can be on any kind of surface whether it’s flat, slatted, or a box spring without affecting your night’s rest. Of course, whether or not this actually works for the common person remains to be seen as being neither firm nor soft and capable of keeping you cool is quite the boast. You’ll be looking at $600-950 depending on which sized mattress you need.

Available for purchase on hibr

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