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Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt offers more insight into your everyday activities

hexoskinSmart clothes are starting to catch on in this day and age, as the world of biometrics has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Having said that, we are edging closer to a future where it is possible for a shirt to be able to keep track of all your essentials whenever you sweat it out, and the Hexoskin biometric smart shirt happens to be one such shirt – allowing users to gain an in-depth insight concerning their physical training, sleep and daily activities. The latest addition would come in the form of the Arctic Smart Shirt, where it is touted to be the first cold weather Biometric Smart Shirt in the whole world. In fact, the Hexoskin shirt comes chock full of the relevant sensors, making it the perfect base layer when it comes to optimum training in cold weather that could prove to be unforgiving.

First of all, the Arctic biometric smart shirt is not all about capturing readings, either, since it will be able to offer exceptional heat insulation, true breathability, odor-resistance and blocking of fabric pulling and abrasion. Add all of that to a similar high-quality Hexoskin body metrics that their shirts are known for, and you more or less have a winner here. This special shirt has been carefully designed so that it can used across long periods of time without causing irritation to the skin, ensuring that you get to enjoy a comfort level that is similar to that of Merino wool.

The Arctic biometric smart shirt is more or lessa wearable precision lab, where it will offer its users with lab-quality metrics when performance truly matters. There will be a tiny Bluetooth device that will be connected to the fabric sensors, where it is placed in the shirt’s built-in side pocket during activity and sleep. The shirt will be extremely light, warm, comfortable, and users will be well equipped with measurements that they simply are unable to receive from regular fitness trackers. Expect the Arctic Smart Shirt to be made available later next month for $199 a pop.

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