HEX introduces the Laptop Duffel and Convertible Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Ever heard of HEX before? HEX is an award winning and fashionable technology accessories brand, and they have been around for quite some time already. I suppose one of their more notable products have been the watch band accessory for the iPod nano which transforms your iPod nano into a multimedia thumping digital timepiece.
Today, HEX announced a sharp 15-piece collection of bags and sleeves which will target not only laptops but iPads as well, calling it the Academy. Plenty of smarts oozing out in that name, that’s for sure! In order to be in line with general trends this fall, the range will come in reverse grey denim alongside a contrasting deep-red interior. Not only that, the Academy collection will also sport two fresh bag silhouettes which we will look at in greater detail after the jump – the Laptop Duffel and the Convertible Sleeve for 13” MacBook Pro.

Each of these fashionable bags will include thoughtful functionality, sporting integrated padded pockets that will offer protection for laptops, iPads and iPhones. The bags’ exterior comes with a wax coating in order to offer protection for the devices from splashes, spills or unexpected rainfall whenever you head out. The Laptop Duffel delivers a package that holds your gadgets and belongings in place while looking chic. Some of the features include padded and microfleece laptop storage, a trio of exterior pockets, where one of them has been specially padded and lined to hold a phone, not to mention a removable shoulder strap.
As for the Convertible Sleeve Backpack, this particular puppy will come with a multi-functional design that enables the bag to transform from sleeve, to handheld, cross-body, and backpack courtesy of its multi-functional straps. The Academy range is already readily available at the moment, where depending on the product that you choose, it will retail from $39.95 and will go all the way to $99.95.
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