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Hercules DJControl Compact delivers ultra portable mixing ability

Hercules-DJControlFor those who happen to be in the DJing scene, chances are you would have heard of the brand name Hercules before. Hercules happens to be a mobile DJ controller specialist, where they have delivered their fair share of innovations in the past where the ultra-portable mixing niche market is concerned, and this time around, they are pleased as punch to show off the spanking new Hercules DJControl Compact. The Hercules DJControl Compact is extremely portable, sporting a footprint that measures all of just 13.4” x 3.9”, but do not be put off by its small size. This might be a diminutive controller, but when it comes to functionality, there is no compromise whatsoever, making this the most full-featured DJ controller in its category.

Arriving in a compact, elongated form factor, the Hercules DJControl Compact is very easy to bring with you in any bag, and you can easily chuck it into a laptop computer bag if you so desire. DJs are able to take the controller with them everywhere, in order to practice with or prepare their mixes whenever the mood strikes them. It does not matter if you are waiting for the train or some other form of inefficient public transport, or if you are traveling, simply chilling out in your hotel room or even at a café terrace, you can now make your own compositions anywhere, anytime.

The DJControl Compact will boast of functionalities such as control loops, effects, samples and Cue points that use its two sets of four pads, where you can then tweak the sound of tracks using the dual two-band equalizers (one per deck), and control the volume independently on both tracks. Not only that, you would also be able to perform some scratching action thanks to the controller’s dual jog wheels, which measure 3” in diameter. You can definitely use the $69.99 DJControl Compact as a “backup” system in the event of problems with your main controller, all without missing a beat. Any takers?

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