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The Hemingwrite keeps you on task by taking an old-fashioned approach to writing


We communicate with the world through our phones and computers. Thanks to social media and apps, we’re constantly in the loop. It sends us alerts and puts notification pop-ups in your peripheral, which makes it quite difficult to stay on task. Writing a paper or keeping up with an online journal or blog takes a fair amount of focus to be coherent and succinct. Getting a new alert every three seconds is going to make that difficult to do, as something that might take 30 minutes will often take an hour to an hour and a half instead.

If you constantly face this problem, then you can either turn off all of your notifications, place your phone in your bag, and hope that you aren’t tempted to check anything, or get the Hemingwrite. This is a writing tool that has all the modern convenience of your tablet, PC, or phone in that it can put your work online, but there are zero distractions available on it. It’s essentially a typewriter, but has a much longer battery life than your laptop, and won’t let you get stuck reading irrelevant articles or watching YouTube videos.

It uses mechanical switches for the keyboard, has a handle which makes it super easy to carry around, and an aluminum housing to make sure it can survive regular use. Using this won’t really add any steps to your workflow, as you’ll have your rough-draft writing on the Hemingwrite, editing in a editor of your choice, and publishing. This provides you the opportunity to get the hard part out of the way without having anything to distract you. The screen is e-ink, and the battery can last for up to 4 weeks on one charge. This will cost you $399 should you have need to write without hindrance.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter