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Hemingwrite brings a modern touch to the old school typewriter

hemingwriteWho would have thought that a regular typewriter – one with ribbons and all, might actually have made it all the way to the 21st century, so much that it has been given an “injection” of sorts to make it all the more relevant? I am referring to the Hemingwrite, which is a modern day typewriter that has ditched them pesky inked ribbons, but rather, will rely on an e-ink display and cloud storage to help store all of your typewritten documents.

Hemingwrite remains as a Kickstarter project that will become reality if it manages to raise the right amount of funds for it, where it will pair up a mechanical keyboard alongside an e-ink display so that it delivers an on-the-go writing experience. Apart from that, do not expect it to come with the usual array of other complex solutions, and that would include notebooks and iPad/keyboard combos, where it will also prevent yourself from being distracted by social media or instant messaging notifications blinking in one corner of the screen. Mechanical switches will let you navigate through folders to locate your saved compositions, in addition to enabling Wi-Fi, and scanning for new networks.

There is also a status display that offers a handful of different options for info at a glance. It is said that the 6” e-ink display and function set would let you enjoy the Hemingwrite for up to four weeks – with normal usage, that is, before requiring a recharge. The entire Hemingwrite would tip the scales at 4 lbs, and with the included fold-down handle, you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Thanks to the e-ink display, this means you can use it even in broad daylight, while a front-light has been thrown into the mix to work in darker environments. Cloud-synchronization paves the way for one to pick up and start docs in other apps regardless of platform, and one can use them on the Hemingwrite directly from Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, OneDrive, SpiderOak and Google Docs. If the Hemingwrite is realized, it will begin shipping from September 2015 onward with a full retail price of $499. Any takers?