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Helmet family monitor makes sure you never miss a moment, ever again

ifarm-helmetHaving a home monitoring device might sound really fancy a decade ago, but with the kind of Internet connectivity that we get these days, you can be sure that sending video over to a mobile device is not a problem at all. I suppose it is more of a question of how many features there are in a home monitoring device than the ability to simply send video. iFamCare has a solution that you might be interested in – and they have named it really simply, calling it Helmet.

Basically, Helmet is a family monitor with an interactive social community which will enable users to share their favorite moments in public or with authorized users, depending on how comfortable they are. Just what kind of capabilities does. Helmet come with? For starters, Helmet will feature a Full HD 1080P 360° video camera, which offers an all round view. Not only that, folks who happen to have pets at home – cats especially, will be pleased to know that there is also a laser pointer built in for pet interaction, in addition to a memory card slot. Oh yeah, just to make sure that all bases are covered, there is also an optional cloud storage just to ensure that all of your favorite moments will be stashed somewhere safe and sound, always.

With Helmet, you no longer need to miss a precious family moment even though you are a few thousand miles away from home. Helmet will allow you to stream what is happening at your child’s birthday party to family members far away, or perhaps you can let grandparents living half a country away to check out their grandchild’s very first steps, or for those who simply cannot stop fretting, to make sure that your four legged furkid is behaving himself well as opposed to digging up a new hole in your garden.

Helmet is right now an Indiegogo campaign, so you might be interested in helping it achieve the $15,000 target.