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The Helix Mattress caters directly to your needs

Helix mattress

When looking for a new mattress, we usually flop down onto whatever is at the store, and pick what feels best. After you’ve slept on a variety of mattresses, you’ll know what your preferences are in terms of comfort, feel, and size. Some people want to sink into their bed as if they had fallen into a bowl of pudding, and others want to lie stiff as a board on a firm mattress.

Over time you’ll figure out what you really want, and then comes the task of trying to find the perfect choice at a reasonable price. That last part is the most difficult of all, especially if you have very particular tastes. The Helix Mattresses will give you the most perfect bed of all time, because you get to customize anything and everything you could care about. There are options for how plush or firm it is, light or strong support, mild or cool temperature regulation, and a high or low point elasticity.

You’ll have to fill out a questionnaire about your height, weight, sleeping style, and firmness preference, and then Helix will create a sleep profile for you. From there they create the optimal mattress for you based on the four points mentioned in the above paragraph, and they’ll ship it in a box to your door within 7-10 days. There are split and blended options for couples, and you’ll be able to choose your sizing with choices of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CA king. The cheapest option is $600, and the most you’ll pay is $995 for the CA king (before the shipping charges of course). Doesn’t sound too shabby for a brand new custom mattress, right?

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