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The HELCY is a laptop bag that helps your posture when you work on the go

Adjustable Laptop Case Stand HELCY

When you’re traveling, what would you say the main differences are between being on your laptop while on the go or at your home PC setup? Other than one being drastically underpowered comparatively, the second most noted aspect would likely be comfort. When you’re not at home, you never know if you’re going to have a flat space to work on, if it’s going to be too high or too short, or if the chair you have access to is going to help or hurt your posture.

There are always going to be some unknown factors, but with HELCY, you can know that you’ll at least be looking at your screen from the optimal angle. This is a laptop case and stand combination that will help lessen your chances of having neck, back, and shoulder injuries. This case will unzip and clasp into place so that your screen sits 6 inches taller, putting it at a better angle into your line of vision.

This leather bag is slim, but was built to be durable and hold all of the day’s necessities. The leather is water-resistant, so there are no worries if a light shower tries to ruin your day. This is aimed at jet-setters who already have an external keyboard and mouse, as anyone without would otherwise be straining their wrists to a painful degree. This is a $189 endeavor that is currently available through a crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter