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The Heineken Robot serves you beer

I figured that this next gadget might appeal to the beer guzzling crowd, which I’m assuming is some percentage of our audience.

The Heineken Robot, which I am guessing is a lack of a better name, was developed by some experimenters at Middlesex University in the UK. As you can see, it is essentially a beer keg with wheels. I’m pretty certain that the Heineken robot was in an extra on the Sandcrawler from the original Star Wars movie.

The R2-beer-you droid is programed to come to anyone who waves their hand. I suppose that is much better than saying: “Hey Bartender” and I’m sure the Heineken Robot has a much better response time.

You actually have to wave your hand over it, and its tap will glow. That is the sign for the customer to put their cup underneath, and it fills the cup with lots of suds. I’m not certain how the Heineken Robot knows if the cup is full. Maybe it uses that sensor thing that fast food restaurants use to fill up sodas. Just work at McDonalds for a little while and you will see what I mean.

Of course, the Heineken robot is simply a pet project for now, but it would be interesting if some modifications of it could enable it to replace barmaids.

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