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Heelarious High Heels For Babies

You have to admit. The age at which girls get into revealing high-fashion is becoming younger and younger. At this rate, we’re going to have toddlers wearing low-neck tank tops in the not-so-distant future. And already, we have a company whipping out a pair of tongue-in-cheek joke high heels for babies. But how long before this isn’t a joke?

Heelarious is a company which makes high heeled crib shoes for young ones. Of course, these boots aren’t made for walking, but more for just lounging around in a play pen or crib, tapping their toes and waiting for their next bottle feeding. The Heelarious heels are made pretty fragile. The weight of a baby standing up in them would apparently crack the heel in half.

The Heelarious site also has a disclaimer, “WARNING: May cause extreme smiling and hysterical laughter when in use (this is completely normal).” Though we’re yet to find any warnings about baby’s stabbing themselves in the eyes or choking on the extended heel. So we’ll just assume these high heel crib shoes are completely safe.

In order to hook up your up and coming fashionista of a daughter (or son, we suppose) with these Heelarious crib shoes, you’ll need to pay $35, plus any future psychiatric charges for your child after they learn of the horrible torture you put them through as infants.

Product Page via The J-Walk Blog

11 thoughts on “Heelarious High Heels For Babies”

  1. This is disturbing. I’m sure it’s meant to be a joke, a novelty, perhaps. But the thought of my 10 week old in a pair of heels, gives me the creeps.
    There will be people out there that make this product a success, but I find it quite offensive.

  2. These are just absolutely ridiculous. I saw the news interview with the designers of these horrid things, and the one woman with the long hair (said she was the co-creator) was continuously rolling her eyes at the questions of the interviewer, as if the interviewer were an idiot! If you ask me, the women who created these atrocities are the idiots and should have never gotten this idea off the drawing board! Any mother who would put her daughter in these should be investigated by Child Protective Services! These should be illegal!

  3. Come on people. I bought these for my granddaughter (who is expected to arrive in October). They are a funny, novelty item. Not meant for catwalks!! They are soft and plush and are a crib slipper! Get over it. It is adorable. “This should be illegal,” Susan writes. Some people are just frustrated sick people and always think the worst.

  4. This is the most appalling child’s clothing item I have ever seen. Way to go Grandma Annette! Get her started early… at this rate she may even give you a great-granddaughter by 11! I am finding it difficult to find my 4 yr old daughter a bathing suit that is not something only an adult woman should be wearing. This idea just perpetuates the notion of sexualizing our children. Gross! What’s next? Baby lingerie?!

  5. I agree with Annette. These things are cute. Its not meant to be sexual. Are you trying to tell me everytime you wear a pair of heels you are looking for someone to look are you as a sex object? Because I sure dont!

  6. the word jailbate comes to mind!!! this is disturbing. Kids should be left as kids they are not accessories.

  7. I find them to be OUTRAGEOUS!! Wtf?? They are babies, not damn dress up dolls! What next?? Baby tattoos and grills for their little gums?? Lingerie?? I think society is taking all the innocence out of being a child. I cant see how a logical, responsible adult can think thats even a little funny. Its sad. Really sad. Im sorry Annette, but what type of message are you sending your granddaughter??? Does anyone ever heard of the term PEDOPHILES??? Keep thinking “they’re just slippers” and “they’re really adorable” until some pervert reads more into it and molests your kid!

  8. I agree with annette, there is nothing wrong with these shoes and the article written about them is totally wrong. the heel does not snap in half when pressure is put on them, they collapse because they are made of cloth not plastic, so there is never a risk of the baby choking on anything. All the rest of you are just close minded and think the worst of everything, you many have your own opinions but keeop them to yourself; no one is forcing you to buy them, they are a free will puchase, so get over yourselves.

  9. Ok dumb dumbs…so let’s ban skirts, shorts, tank tops, earrings, stockings, bracelets and all the other things little girls shouldn’t wear to look tempting to a pedophile. People the truth is if a pedophile WANTS a child they will want the child for ANY reason and not just those. They’re cute little slippers to be worn as such- I’m pretty sure a baby can’t strut her stuff too hard in those! Relax& just keep an eye on your baby which you should be doing anyway.

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