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Heatworks MODEL 1 gets a 12-year warranty!

heatworksWhile there are heaters which we use to keep ourselves nice and warm whenever the winter arrives, this does not mean that we should make do with freezing cold water. No sir, a water heater, too, is essential – especially when the mercury drops, as there is no better way to keep yourself nice and cozy while washing away the day’s dirt than with a proper water heater. Heatworks, the creator of a revolutionary water heating technology, has just announced yet another industry-first – which is a 12-year guarantee on its Heatworks MODEL 1 tankless water heater. The Heatworks MODEL 1 guarantee happens to be a full exchange program, in which the customer will remain protected for a good dozen years, now how about that?

While we do not change our water heaters once every couple of years like a smartphone, this does not mean that water heaters should not come with a good warranty, as this is an important part of any home, and should the water heater malfunction, it might even result in electrocution, shock or death.

Heatworks CEO Jerry Callahan, shared, “Other companies are afraid to guarantee their units. As a result, they offer very limited warranties, typically only three years and for parts only, rather than for the full unit. Heatworks can guarantee the MODEL 1 because it works differently from all other water heaters, which fail due to a buildup of mineral deposits on the heating elements. The MODEL 1’s innovative and patented Direct Energy Transfer technology passes electricity through graphite electrodes to instantly heat water.”

The MODEL 1 has been touted to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of any water heating system, regardless of where you stay in the world. You can make use of it alongside an existing water heating system, or to let it function as a standalone alternative to a central tank-type water heater.

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