HeatSync 1200 ultra slim case has iPhone docking station

A-Tech Fabrication has rolled out the HeatSync 1200 ultra slim case, where the main selling point of this puppy would be the option to throw in an iPhone docking station, now how about that? Most of the time, one would have thought that iPhone docks tend to come in the form of an alarm clock or a speaker system, but a working computer chassis? This is definitely something different to consider, and as a mark of respect to make sure the US’ economy continues to be stimulated from within, the HeatSync 1200 ultra slim case is proud to be 100% made in the USA. It boasts a passively cooled design, so you can be sure that without the presence of any fans within, it is going to run whisper quiet.
The mSATA SSD has been integrated into the motherboard itself, while large aluminum fins ensure the optimization of natural convection cooling. There is also an integrated voltage regulator heat conductor that accompanies a fanless external AC power adapter. You can choose from either black or a silver anodized finish. Sounds like a dream, no? It is going to take some time before such a device takes off in a big way, I reckon, how about you?
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