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Even Heating Copper Burner Plates delivers piping hot food, every single time

even-heating-copper-burning-platesHaving a stove at home can be considered to be something ‘normal’, otherwise the bare essentials would be to reduce it to a microwave oven, a hot plate or an induction cooker. Well, how about trying out something that is very different, which you might even find yourself liking in the long run? I am referring to the $129.95 Even Heating Copper Burner Plates.

The Even Heating Copper Burner Plates happen to be a set of four copper diffuser plates which will add the superior cooking abilities of copper to any flat bottom steel, cast iron, or aluminum cookware. These unique plates will measure 2.6mm thin, and they measure 8″ square, which are then placed over a stove burner and will be able to transfer even, steady heat to just about any pot or pan to deliver superior cooking results.

Apart from that, this very same material is used to make professional cookware, as copper conducts heat 70% more efficiently compared to the aluminum that is found within majority of the high-end cookware, and is preferred by chefs for its superior food-browning ability. Fret not if the copper develops a natural patina with shades of blue, red, and orange if left untreated, as you can always restore it to its original color with widely available metal cleaners.