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Heater that can be used personally, or in a whole room

whole-room-personal-heaterNow that winter is in full swing for those who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, one would have to make the necessary arrangements in order to make sure that one will not end up freezing at the end of the day – or night. Well, we can always wear thicker amounts of clothing, but that would work if you are outdoors – once you get indoors, a far more convenient method to stay warm would be to have a heater work. Here is the $179.95 Heater from Hammacher which can be used to heat up an entire room, or it can also function as a personal heater – it is your choice.

This space heater offers room-filling warmth or direct, personal heating, where on its highest setting, it is capable of generating 1,500 watts which will allow the infrared heating element to warm rooms up to 256′ sq. A single touch of a button would further reduce the amount of wattage by half, which in turn limits the unit’s heat to its immediate area, making it perfect to warm just you alone without having to affect someone else in the room. The heater comes with a digital thermostat, an auto-shutoff if tipped over, and remains cool to the touch.