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Heated Wearable Back Massager offers sweet relief after a hard day’s work

heated-wearable-back-massagerIf you happen to be involved in plenty of backbreaking work, then you would definitely know the value of having a back massage at the end of a particularly gruelling day or session. Well, it is not all the time that you have someone to give you a back rub, but during those times when there is no one around, how about a little DIY project? The $129.95 Heated Wearable Back Massager says it all – you do not need a pair of human hands to get the job done, as this massager is worn like a backpack in order to deliver invigorating massage as well as therapeutic heat to areas which are prone to tightness.

Being different from common massage pads which can only be used while seated, or other kinds of massage wands which need to be held in an uncomfortable manner, this particular massager would strap over the shoulders so that it can be secured snugly against the back – regardless of whether you are seated, standing, or lying down. There is a quartet of vibrating heads which will penetrate deep into muscles so that it can relieve stiffness, stimulate blood circulation, and soothe aching backs and shoulders. Attached to it would be a tethered controller that enables users to select from a quartet of massage programs, a couple of intensity levels, and optional heat. It ought to be able to fit most sizes thanks to its adjustable padded shoulder straps, and it comes with an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes.