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Heated Vest to keep you warm and toasty

heated-vest.jpgIt would be an understatement to say that things get extremely chilly around this time of the year, which is why it is all the more important for you to keep yourself warm and toasty each time you step out of your house lest you fall sick and fail to enjoy a Christmas season that is full of fun and joy. With technology moving at an ever faster pace than before, having warm winter clothing no longer means you have to look all bulked up like an elephant, as this Heated Vest from Hammacher will attest. In fact, we here at Coolest Gadgets think that it will go down very nicely with a pair of Dual-Zone Heated Cargos.

The Heated Vest comes with carbon fiber technology that is incorporated into the entire piece of clothing, powered by compact and well-placed batteries that will definitely not cramp your style. When fully charged, the Heated Vest is capable of offering up to 4 hours’ worth of uninterrupted warmth. Just in case it is extremely chilly and you need to have another layer of clothing in the form of a coat, rest assured that the Heated Vest will fit underneath one nicely without any problem.

The Heated Vest also includes an adjustable warmth level according to what you are comfortable with. Carbon fiber mesh that is sewn into the vest is used to transmit heat all over using safe, low-power infrared rays. Unfortunately, the battery used follows the law of diminishing returns as it requires 5 hours to be fully charged. Just remember to remove the battery before you send the vest for a tumble in the washer as you wouldn’t want to ruin a $129.95 Christmas present!

3 thoughts on “Heated Vest to keep you warm and toasty”

  1. I was psyched about the heated vests from Hammacher Schlemmer. I ordered two, both arrived and both have a faulty battery connection so that they power off if they are moved at all, like the kind of movement you’d have wearing a vest, with original shipping and paying to ship the broken vests back I’ll be vestless and out about 50 bucks.

  2. I got two of these vest, one for myself 1 year ago another for my dad last Christmas. It’s their second generation model. It’s the best money spend. The new design is much improved (compare to the one I got last year.)

  3. Are your prices in Canadian dollars? Are you located in Canada? I don’t want to pay American prices. Thanks

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