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Best Heated Towel Warmer makes your bathroom more posh

heated-towel-warmerWe have seen some towel warmers in the past, but did any of them carry the superlative adjective of “best”? Nay, definitely not! Don’t you just love it when you arrive at your holiday destination after an extremely long flight which has a few connecting routes, in addition to another long journey from the airport to the hotel, and you are served with a refreshing hot towel to freshen your face? You can now do that from the comfort of your home, making you forget about the woes at the office thanks to the $99.95 Best Heated Towel Warmer. Not only that, if you are a naturally hospitable person, surely your guest(s) would appreciate such a gesture when they arrive at your doorstep.

Why was this towel warmer rated as the “best”? Well, it picked up this accolade because it left towels the warmest and produced the most consistent heat from the outer to the inner edges of two rolled towels. Taking a mere 10 minutes, the Best Heated Towel Warmer will heat towels to a cozy 97° F, while other models in comparison required over double the amount of time to arrive at a similar temperature. Not only that, lesser warmers were guilty of leaving cold pockets toward the interior of the towel rolls. The Best Heated Towel Warmer is compact and lightweight, where it has enough space to stash a couple of 40″ x 70″ towels, and would also come in handy to warm bathrobes, clothing and blankets. There are red and green lights to indicate when heating is in progress or complete; and paranoid androids out there need not fear – the inclusion of an automatic shut-off function would ensure your safety.