Heated Pet Car Seat will make Fido love you more

For those who see vehicles as a mode of transport, and not an expensive purchase that needs to be taken care of far better than an ancient mummy, then chances are you won’t let your pooch or cat roam free in the back seats of your vehicle. Here’s something for folks who love their furkids to bits, and want to provide the very best for them – hence the Heated Pet Car Seat, perfect for those winter moments.
This can be touted to be the only kind of pet car seat which is heated to deliver a cozy, warm quarter for pets whenever you travel. There is a 12-volt heater located inside the seat cushion, where it is capable of producing a mild radiant heat up to 15ยบ F above the ambient temperature. The seat cushion itself is filled with 3″ of soft, supportive foam, while the interior of the car seat is covered with smooth, plush fleece.
You can string the car’s seat belt through the base of the car seat to help it remain stable even when you drive, and as long as Fido doesn’t chew through the heating element’s plug to the vehicle’s DC outlet, the both of you should be better off. Expect to fork out $149.95 for the Heated Pet Car Seat.