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Heated Huggable Unicorn is cute and functional

heated-huggable-unicornWhile rainbows and unicorns do seem to go hand in hand, this particular £19.99 Heated Huggable Unicorn is a wee bit different. You will not see it poop rainbows at all, and neither is it going to end up as roadkill so that an evil, power-mad wizard will be able to drink and feast on its blood, but rather, as its name suggests, this is a unicorn that will hopefully be able to keep you nice and warm during the cold winter months.

Sure, it sports a technicolor tail and mane, alongside a powerful look of longing in its eyes, accompanied by an exquisite lavender scent, but at the end of the day, it has a soft-core horn that will not harm a fly, and it sure as heck is a whole lot better to hug as opposed to a regular hot water bottle, don’t you think so? After all, you can always let your little ones know that this particular Heated Huggable Unicorn will run on magic – and not water, although the truth would most probably be revealed as they grow older.

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