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The Heated Hat stops noggins from going numb

Heated Hat

When it’s bitterly cold outside, your internal temperature is not enough to keep you warm. You can put on layers of long sleeves and fleece-lined leggings, but if you’re out for long the cold will eventually start to seep in. If you have trouble staying warm at all times of the year rather than just winter, you’ll have to double your efforts.

There are four main points of your body you have to keep warm unless you’d rather deal with frostbite. Your hands needs to be in thick warm gloves, feet need just as much covering, your torso will need as many sweaters as you can wear and keep upright, and your head will need a hat that keeps you both warm and unhindered. While we’ve seen several options for the other sections of the body in the past, the Heated Hat is a simple, unobtrusive option that will only have you wearing one layer on your head.

This microfleece beanie-style hat has three settings of heat so you can choose the intensity that’s right for you. It has a lithium battery that will last five hours on a full charge on the lowest setting, or two on the highest. There are only two sizes, one for small-medium and the other for large-extra large heads. The operations for the heat are under the brim, and are large enough that they can be controlled with thick gloves on. For $100, this is a purchase you won’t want to make unless you regularly run on frigid winter mornings or work outside.

Available for purchase on Hammacher