Heat Sensitive Cup is a great way to bring up global warming to coworkers

Heat Sensitive Cup

Is global warming real? You can bet your sweet buns that it possibly could be. I’m almost positive that there could be some evidence that makes it sound quite plausible. Ok, I really have no idea. I’ve heard compelling arguments from both sides, but I’m not ready to jump to any conclusions. Plus people on both sides of the fence just go crazy trying to push the topic. If you’re one that thinks it’s the real deal and would like an excuse to bring it up every day at the water cooler, then you might check out this cool mug.

This Heat Sensitive Cup is not at all unlike the Global Warming Mug that you saw back in June. The mug depicts a glacier out in the ocean. However, once you pour in a hot beverage, the massive ice formation slowly melts down into nothingness.

I’m sure that your coworkers will enjoy this wonderful conversation piece just as much as you enjoy debating the topic of global warming. Just remember to try and keep an open mind, not everything must be an absolute.

Source: MAKE

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