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Heat Changing Arcade Mugs


Love all those old, retro games from of yore? Heck, you would most probably be sitting at your now office desk, thinking about your heydays at the local arcade, holding on to the High Score in Pac Man till today. The joys (and pains) of growing up, eh? Why not relive those moments with the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs? After all, any decent office ought to have a well-stocked pantry that has a hot pot of coffee waiting for its employees always.

Normally the Pac Boy mug displays an empty maze and the Space Intruders mug displays a blank starry sky. But add some kind of hot beverage and instantly the Pac Boy maze is filled with 8-bit style ghosts and energizers while the Space Intruders shows a retro invaders style battle in action.

At $7.99 a pop, this would make for the perfect gift for any geek in the office (including yourself).