Another Heart Shaped Gadget For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and in light of that here’s one more cheesy heart-shaped gadget to go along with the lovey little holiday.  This tiny heart will hold onto your iPod and play your favorite music for everyone to hear.  Whether they like it or not.  They even come in other colors besides pinks and reds.  Alright, so it’s only one other color, but it’s something other than pink.

As far as colors go this comes in black, red, dark pink and pale pink.  The sweet heart-shaped dock will work with your iPod Classic, iPod Nano and even the iPod Touch.  Beyond that it’s pretty much your average run of the mill iPod dock.  Except this one is in the shape of a heart.  Unfortunately it might be a little difficult to get one of these since it’s straight from Japan.

Source: Gizmodiva

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