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Headfoams were made to resist the destructive nature of children


Sometimes children are a gift in your life. You have moments where they make you proud, or bring a tear of joy to your eye. However, there are many, many times you want to rip your own hair out, because they don’t understand how to value anything around them. Humans are a blank slate when they come into the world, so it takes quite a long time to teach them about their surroundings, and why they shouldn’t break things or smear marshmallow fluff on the flatscreen TV.

If you hand your phone or earbuds to a child and it comes back stripped of the protective covering or a broken screen, you can’t be too surprised (don’t let it slide obviously, but don’t tan their hide). If you want to ensure that a pair of headphones can last being given to your kids, you might want to make sure it was designed to live through whatever they can throw at it. The Headfoams are EVA foam-bodied headphones that are soft, bendable, shatterproof, and just about indescructable.

These will fit most sizes of children, but for smaller tots you may want to use the included pad for a snug fit. The sound quality is decent enough, with an 85dB maximum so they can’t hurt themselves with turning the volume up too high. This is available in blue, orange, and purple, and will cost around $40 per pair.

Available for purchase on marblue