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The Head Spa Hand Pro Push Massager will soothe your noggin


If you have an itch on your back, it’s always a million times more satisfying to have someone else scratch it for you. You know exactly where the itch is and can take care of it quickly and effectively on your own (if you can reach it). However, whenever someone else does it, there’s a second or two of not being able to find the itchy spot and then BOOM, the most relaxing moment of your day hits. While I’m sure science has a great reason as to why this is such a great feeling, most of us, myself included, don’t know.

If you don’t have someone who is willing to massage your scalp, but love the way it feels, then the Head Spa Hand Pro Push Massager could be a perfect way to help you relax. This is a multi-pronged push massager that will stimulate and strengthen your scalp with daily use. The nerve endings on our head often go untouched, so it’s only fair that we give them a time to shine. Not to mention it’s going to make us feel pretty great as well.

This $23 tool is one of many small tools we’ve seen that can aid you in doing something you can already do on your own. We constantly see silly products that have a price tag which doesn’t match its actual worth or ingenuity, but there’s always someone who it could actually benefit. In this particular case, it could be worth it if you lack finger strength, hate the texture of hair, or just think it looks cute.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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