Hawking Technologies Wireless-300N WiFi Networking Adapter

hawking-300n1.jpgHawking Technologies has recently announced that it will begin to ship the first Wireless-300N WiFi Networking Adapter which sees an integration of second generation Dual Antenna Dish Technology for extreme WiFi performance. Shaped after a miniature satellite dish, the wireless adapter features a Hi-Gain dual-antenna feed design which is capable of boosting WiFi distances by up to 600% in comparison to standard embedded applications. I guess the folks at Hawking Technologies got it spot on when they remarked, “The problem with wireless networks these days is not the speed, it’s the distance. Regardless of how fast your network is, if you can’t reach the wireless signal, it simply won’t work. We understand this at Hawking and are very excited to announce the release of the HWDN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Dish Adapter. Our second generation Dual Antenna Dish Technology builds from our very successful Wireless-G Dish antenna design and boosts the performance in both speed and range. The result is the most powerful 802.11n USB network adapter on the market.”

The Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Dish Adapter will come with a USB 2.0 connection for added versatility, allowing you to use it with either a laptop or a desktop. Some of the features found in the Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Network Dish Adapter include :-

  • Enable wireless networking for any Windows based computer
  • Installs in seconds with easy to use, step by step Setup Wizard
  • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 Wireless Security
  • New Advanced Dual Hi-Gain Antenna Dish Technology boosts wireless distance and performance up to 600%
  • Directional antenna concentrates wireless signals away from computer components to avoid signal interference
  • Latest 802.11n technology delivers 300Mbps Wireless data transfer speeds

The HWDN1 Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter is currently available and will retail for approximately $99.99.