HAVOC iPhone 6 battery case offers more than just extra juice

havocPicking up a brand new iPhone 6 can be said to be the “dream” (or at least, a short term one) for many since this happens to be the latest version of the device that saw the touchscreen smartphone revolution positively explode after it was first introduced to the masses all the way back in 2007. Of course, if you were to own a spanking new iPhone 6, then it would be a no-brainer to ensure that this particular handset would be adequately protected from nicks, drops, and scratches. The first time for any of those three is normally the most painful, but the feeling does get rather dulled after a few times. If you are on the lookout for adequate protection for your iPhone 6, how about checking out the HAVOC? The HAVOC happens to be an iPhone 6 battery case that delivers more than just additional power.

Thanks to Lenmar Enterprises, Inc. who is behind the HAVOC, this unique iPhone 6 battery case is right now an Indiegogo project that is looking to raise the necessary amount of funds in order to become reality. It will be different from all of the other battery cases out there, since the HAVOC will comes packed with power, which ensures that your “adventure” will continue even after it a normal iPhone 6 would have exhausted of its power supply. With the built-in battery in the HAVOC, we are looking at double the power, in addition to other repertoires of its abilities such as being shock resistant, water resistant and completely dust proof.

The HAVOC has 3,200mAh of built-in power, allowing you to recharge your dead phone from 0-100% while having a little bit of left over juice for emergencies down the road. Sporting an IP65 rating, the HAVOC is water resistant, letting you use your iPhone 6 without fear of ruining it even in inclement weather, or shrugging off coffee mishaps as though they never happened at all. Since all of its corners and key points of impact are covered with a second layer of protection, it is shock resistance, while the seamless and sealed design ensures that it does not get in the way of the touchscreen. Hopefully it can meet the $75,000 goal by January 5th next year to become reality!

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