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Havahart Wireless has a spanking new circular fencing system

havahartOne can be prepared in life as much as possible, but there is one thing for sure – you can never truly be 100% prepared for anything and everything. There are always moments when a spanner is thrown in the works, and things need to change and be modified, which means being flexible is the way to go. Well, keeping track of your free roaming pet is one such example, as keeping Fido cooped up all day long is not going to help, either. Havahart Wireless has come up with its third generation of its circular fencing system, where it has been updated to include tighter trigger zones, waterproof collars, and enhanced system communications.

How does the Radial-Shape Select Havahart Wireless Dog Fence work in the first place? It does so thanks to the continuous communication between the controller and collar. This constant communication will allow the system to display the dog’s approximate location on the controller regardless of the moment, and other kinds of technology improvements which deliver better filtering of data, would eventually result in a more reliable communication between the controller and collar, and tighter trigger zone.

Not only that, the all new Radial-Shape Select Systems will also come equipped with waterproof collars. In other words, they are now able to withstand more than a splash of water, as the collar itself boasts of a battery cap flush alongside the battery housing, and there is also a strap made of heavy-gauge nylon webbing alongside a three-quarter inch snap buckle closure. These collars will arrive in a couple of various sizes so that it to accommodate neck sizes between 12- 26 inches.

The patented Radial-Shape Select Havahart Wireless Dog Fence happens to be a self-installed containment system which will be able to create a circular boundary from 40 to 400 feet, regardless of the direction. Such a radius would allow up to 20 times more roaming area for dogs as opposed to other wireless fence brands in the market, and it can accommodate up to two dogs as long as a second collar is purchased.

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