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Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad helps you track your growing spawn

Hatch Baby Changing Smart Table

Having your first child is a nightmare. You’re never as prepared as you think you are, you’re not getting enough sleep or time to shower, and your brain is constantly worried about the baby. Not only do you need to know data down to the ounce of your newborn, you also have to worry about your own health and sanity. If you’re a mom, you also need to track how much milk you’re producing and how much they’re taking in.

If you wish it was as easy as slapping an activity tracker on your little bundle of joy, then the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad will help. This is a diaper changing pad combined with a wireless smart scale that will let you track health metrics with ease. You can keep tabs on weight, feeding amounts, and diaper changes. While the scale will give you hard numbers, the capabilities you’ll get through the app will give you even more detailed information over a period of time.

The scale is precise to 0.25 of an ounce and you won’t have to sync any information since it will appear on the app in real time. You will need 4 C batteries for the scale, and you can find changing pads in colors of ash, rose, sand, and sky. This $249 purchase will take a bite out of your bank account, but will connect you more than ever to the well-being of your baby.

Available for purchase on Amazon